Dixie Needs To Be Filled Up!

For some reason, Dixie has been getting REALLY hungry a lot lately. She doesn't know why, but whenever the craving hits, she REALLY needs to eat.

Today is no different. The hunger hit and now Dixie's waiting for her food delivery. And according to the app, he's gonna be here any second. And it couldn't come soon enough!

Dixie hasn't moved from her spot on the couch since she ordered. She has 0 energy if she doesn't eat & drink asap. If she DID have some energy, she would have realized her purse with her credit card was buried under a pile of clothes in her bedroom. But it's hard for Dixie to focus when she hasn't been fed.

So when the delivery driver FINALLY gets there...Dixie doesn't know where her wallet is. Cuz she's HUNGRY. And the smell of all that food isn't making it better. Without her wallet, without her credit card...Dixie can't get the food she's been waiting for all day. That right there is unacceptable to her. She needs to be filled up ASAP.


Date Added: November 12, 2020


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