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Her New N***** Daddy!

Phoebe's father just went to an emergency KKK meeting to discuss how he's gonna deal with a black man who he recently got into a physical altercation with after a fender bender. "These N***ERS are gettin outta hand and need to be dealt with,. especially with our new President in charge!" So he left Phoebe, or as he calls her, his little BLONDE HAIRED, BLUE EYED ARYAN PRINCESS, all alone.

What he doesn't that the ANGRY black man, pissed at the racist attitude he got from Phoebe's dad, found out where Phoebe's dad lived, and is breaking into his house to tear it up! As the black man is creeping through the house, he hears a voice: "What are you doing here? My daddy says N****RS aren't allowed in my house." That voice belongs to Phoebe, who's dressed up in her favorite confederate flag t shirt! Phoebe's always heard from her dad about how N****s are animals who do bad things to little white girls...but her daddy never told her what those bad things were. Well, after being called a N****R, the ANGRY black intruder turns into AN ANIMAL! He is about to show poor little Phoebe EXACTLY why her daddy doesn't want her talking to black boys!

The masked negro punishes Phoebe with his BIG BLACK N****R DICK, ramming it down her throat, face fucking her tiny white throat mercilessly, and SLAPPING HER when she can't take it! She's gonna become a N****R LOVER whether she likes it or not! And another thing she's gonna do whether she likes it or not? EAT BLACK ASS! The masked black man MAKES Phoebe to lick and clean his BLACK ASSHOLE, making the precious white girl put her innocent tongue in places her RACIST FATHER NEVER wanted it to be! He would have a heart attack if he knew she was ASS KISSING a N****R! Imagine how he would feel knowing she was KISSING AND TONGUING A N****R's BLACK ASSHOLE!!!

The masked man sits on her face, suffocating her in his black ass over and over again, slowly making the innocent white girl into HIS SLAVE! After the black animal has had his way with Phoebe, he makes her to make him shoot black seed all over Phoebe's face, covering her in N****R JIZZ! Much to her father's horror, Phoebe has been introduced to BIG BLACK DICK! And....her father would die if he heard this...but Phoebe kind of liked it! From now on, Phoebe has a new N****R DADDY, one who's BIGGER and BETTER than her pathetic biological white father!

Date Added: February 17, 2017


44 min of video

Adrian Maya Gets Face Fucked To Be In A Music Video Girl!

Adrian Maya is a sexy redbone. That's why she thinks she'd look really good in a music video! She's got all the tools: beautiful face, perfect skin, and 42 inches of ass! She turns heads wherever she goes. But just because a girl has a cute face doesn't mean she's perfect for a video right? So Adrian has to go through an audition, where she shows exactly how much she can strut her stuff on camera. She gives a very sexy strip tease and an unbelievable twerk session. Who knew someone this cute could twerk like that?!? Adrian seductively strips for the camera and shows off her beautiful curves, twerking and bouncing her huge ass! After all that stripping and twerking, you'd think that Adrian would be guaranteed the spot in the video, right? But there's a lot of girls who want to be in music videos, so if Adrian wants to be in this one, there's just one more thing she has to do...and that's give up her throat to some BIG BLACK DICK! Adrian sits down, half naked, pulls the director's dick out, and begins to DRAIN IT. Adrian starts sucking and stroking, and slowly, gradually starts to give up her throat. And once he hits the back of that throat...THE SPIT STARTS FLOWING! The director face fucks Adrian mercilessly, breaking her throat open and bringing out loads and loads of THICK STRINGS OF SALIVA! Spit and liquid runs down her beautiful face, ruining her makeup, and making him treat her even rougher. But the face slaps and the gagging just makes her even hornier, and craving even more! Adrian gets the director back in the end, pulling a massive load out of his dick, and milking the dick long after he cums, stroking and squeezing the sensitive head of the dick while he screams and squirms. After a performance like that...Adrian DEFINITELY earned the part in the video!

Date Added: February 1, 2017


102 Pics, 43 min of video

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up To Slurp On BLACK ASS & BIG BLACK DICK!

Niki Snow is a busy girl. Work, school, and so much more. She's so busy that after a long day, she doesn't properly lock her door. And an improperly locked door means...dangerous BLACK THUGS can get in. And thats exactly what happens. A masked intruder breaks into Niki's apartment. He searches the house, looking for anything of value to steal and sell. Moving quietly through the apartment he comes across something very...very valuable. A vulnerable, blonde haired, brown eyed SNOWBUNNY! The sight of this pure, innocent sleeping white beauty fills the black intruder with LUST. So he decides to rob her of one of her most valued possessions: HER VIRGIN THROAT. The intruder roughly fucks her face, causing drool and slobber to pour out of her mouth! Not content with just her mouth on his BIG BLACK DICK, the depraved intruder makes the sweet innocent girl to EAT HIS DIRTY ASSHOLE. And Like a good girl, Niki does what she has to do to safeguard herself and her possessions: she slurps all the juices out of the black asshole, sticking her tongue DEEP into his hole, driving him crazy as she cleans it! After taking her throat and using her tongue as a washcloth for almost an hour, the intruder unleashes a MASSIVE NUT right in the Snowbunny's mouth! Next time, Niki will remember to lock her door! Or will she...?

Date Added: January 1, 2017


45 min of video

Nosy Nerd Gets PUNISHED With Big Black Dick & Dirty Black Ass!

So here I am working hard trying to get this next nasty XXX update out for you guys, and my fuckin computer wanna act up! Tried to fix it for a hour before I was like, "Fuck it. I need an expert." So I call up a local computer repair shop. Lot of goofy ass college kids work there, so I'm sure they know what they doing. So they send over this cute lil nerdy college student! Not what I was expecting, but whatever. As long as she can fix my computer, I'm good. I leave her alone to work her magic, and then I hear something. One of my porno videos! This nerdy little bitch snooping around in places on my computer that ain't got shit to do with the problem! day was already fucked up, and that shit pissed me the fuck off. That nosy little bitch needed to be taught a lesson. So I taught her about BIG BLACK DICK. I fucked her face til tears ran out her eyes. Went BALLS deep in that pretty throat. Flipped her ass upside down, and did it some more. Lucky for me, she don't got NO GAG REFLEX! So I made sure she took EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. I kept slapping her and she said she was sorry...but the best way to show you sorry is by CLEANING DIRTY BLACK ASS. So that's EXACTLY what I made her do. Her lunch break must have been up next, because she ATE THE FUCK out my asshole! That turnt me on even more so I went back to piledriving her throat until I busted A MASSIVE NUT right in her fucking mouth! Runnin down my balls, drippin into my asscrack...that shit was everywhere! After the way I fucked her up...I think she learned her lesson. So once she done with the computer...I think Im gonna give her a tip....and EVEN MORE BLACK DICK AND BLACK ASS.

Date Added: December 15, 2016


65 min of video

Mz. Natural's Endless Deepthroat!

Ms. Natural is confused! Her throat has been bugging her for weeks and she doesn't know why! She thinks it might have something to do with this weird Jamaican guy shes dating....and she's right. He uses his voodoo to send Natural into a dick sucking frenzy!! Natural slurps dick, deepthroating it with NO PROBLEM! She stretches out her jaw and her throat, getting extra loud and sloppy with the dick, driving her man crazy! He fucks her throat, going balls deep as that wet good throat drives him crazy! After working her jaw out, Natural pulls a HUGE NUT out of the dick, making him scream! Tomorrow she won't remember the epic blowjob she just gave...but her reminder will be a slightly sore throat....and the sweet taste of nut on her lips.

Date Added: December 1, 2016


39 Pics, 41 min of video

Wrong Room, Amazingly Right 12 Inch Dick!

Miss Raquel just had an excellent day of shopping! She bought a ton of sexy clothes and is eager to try them on! She puts on an outfit, admiring her sexy body in the process...when she heard a noise. And to her surprise, she finds a guy in her hotel room! And this guy says the room is his! Now of course, Miss Raquel is heated, and she starts yelling, saying she's gonna call the cops. But then the guy's towel drops...and what Miss Raquel sees is AMAZING! This guy has a MASSIVE 12 INCH BIG BLACK DICK! The sight of all that meat is enough to hang up the phone...and pick up the dick! Miss Raquel sucks the massive BBC, struggling to get it down her throat. Finding it doesn't fit, she wants to see if it fits in her pussy. BIG MISTAKE. Because once he puts it in, he goes CRAZY on the pussy, beating it up, down and sideways. HNAmazin jams ALL 12 INCHES into her pussy! From her moans and screams, its clear that he's going BALLS DEEP! After some serious snatch smashing, Miss Raquel's pussy can't take any more so she uses her mouth to pull the nut out of the 12 inch monster. Why can't all mixups end like this???

Date Added: November 30, 2016


41 min of video

Vote YES For Big Black Dick & Black Ass!

2016 is an election year. And there's tons of things that citizens have to vote for. Adult Superstar Sarah Vandella wants to make everyone aware of just how dangerous Proposition 60 is for the Adult Film Industry for the State of California. Proposition 60 endangers the privacy of adult film stars, would result in higher taxes for all, and places unjust restrictions on consensual adults, making them to wear condoms. Should BIG BLACK DICK be covered by a condom? Sarah definitely doesn't think so! And she shows exactly how beautiful condomless oral sex can be! Sarah shows off her deepthroat skills, EFFORTLESSLY taking the big black dick BALLS DEEP! Her mouth erupts like a faucet as she attacks the dick, slobbering and spitting all over it. Sarah doesn't neglect the balls and DEFINITELY doesn't neglect the BLACK ASSHOLE, spitting in it, tongue fucking it. and eating it all up! Sarah takes a good throat fucking until she pulls a load out of the big black dick. After a performance like that, how could anyone do anything but vote no on 60 and yes on BBC!!!

Date Added: November 11, 2016


52 min of video

Goth Girl Goes Crazy Eating Black Dick & Ass!

Draven was told beforehand that Branden was kind of rough. But she was ready for the battle. Her mission wasn't just to suck some BIG BLACK DICK. She wanted to CONTROL the BBC. make him squirm and moan, using her tongue, hands and lips to push him over the edge. And thats what she did. In addition to her deepthroating head skills, Draven combined the rimjob and handjob to achieve maximum pleasure. She expertly stroked the sensitive head of the BBC while sticking her tongue deep in black ass, causing Branden to loudly lose control multiple times and even tap out. Draven feasts on black ass and balls for over an hour until she drains the dick, taking a thick cumshot in her mouth that she makes sure the camera sees. This was a battle with a clear winner!

Date Added: October 1, 2016


67 min of video

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