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Bubble Booty Lil Sister's BBC Revenge!

I'm Jayden. He's Jake. My parents thought it would be cute to have our names both start with J. Probably thought it would help us get along too right? Well it hasn't. Ever since we were young, me and my older brother haven't been able to stand each other. It doesn't matter if it was toys or books or video games...we were ALWAYS arguing about something. And a lot of times it even got physical.

Jake is just a know it all lil bitch. He always thinks he's right, he's always trying to talk down to somebody and he's crazy AF. He's told me multiple times about the twisted things he wants to do to me.

But this time....Jake has gone too fuckin far. He snitched on me to our parents and I KNOW that they're gonna take my car away from me and ground me for months. Right when Spring Break is here too! I could break his stuff...key his car...mess up his room...but that'll probably get me in more trouble.

But I know the perfect way to get back at him. Jake's best friend is named Branden. He's on the basketball team too and is ALWAYS over here. My parents trust him enough to the point that he's over our house when they aren't even right now.

I'm not gonna lie, Branden's kinda cute. But him and Jake are really close so I never made a move...but recently, I've caught him looking at me...watching me like I'm a piece of meat. The first few times I didn't think nothing of it... but then I started wearing some skimpy clothes around the house and it was OBVIOUS that he was checking me out. I KNOW he wants this tight young white pussy.

And you know what? I'm gonna give it to him. I'm gonna fuck my brother's best friend and let him stretch me out with his big ass black dick. Jake is gonna learn not to fuck with me.


Date Added: April 2, 2020


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Extremely Messy Oral & Anal Tutoring For Basketball Star!

College has been fun for Ziggy. It's a lot of hard work, a bit stressful and of course there's drama...but Ziggy feels that she's really grown as an individual every semester!

One thing that's also grown? Ziggy's addiction to BIG BLACK DICK. Ever since her experience with James, she just can't stop thinking about sweaty black ass, big swollen nut filled black balls and long hard veiny black dicks. And since she still has her tutoring job, she's exposed to muscular black athletes almost every day. Oh sure, sometimes she gets stuck with a white lacrosse player. Or a rower. But regardless of who she's tutoring, every day when she wakes up, she plays with her tight wet pussy as she thinks about all the black athletes at her school violating her holes with their monster black cocks.

One athlete has been on her mind A LOT lately. His nickname is Ice Cold and he's the newest star on the basketball team. And based off all the coverage he's getting, Ziggy KNOWS he has a monster dick. His bulge is so apparent, especially in the pictures he posts on social media. The thought of throating his big fuckin donkey dick right after a game literally has her soaking through her panties.

Thankfully though, because of her job as a tutor, Ziggy can get A LOT closer to Ice than a lot of the other white girls that want to can. And after weeks of frantically checking the sign up sheets for students in need of tutoring (and soaking through her panties thinking about how deep his black dick can fit in her asshole) Ziggy finally hears some good news: Ice needs a passing grade on his next test to be eligible for the big game next week so she's been assigned as a tutor to make sure he passes. But the only thing Ziggy is thinking about is helping him pass his monster black dick from her pussy to her asshole.

Unlike when she tutored James and his Donkey Dick, this time Ziggy actually knows the subject matter! But even though she's making a good effort to ensure Ice is able to grasp the material...Ziggy is sooooo distracted....He's right there. The big basketball star. She knows he just came from practice because she can smell his manly scent. And her eyes keep darting from the big book from his class to his big cock in his pants. School's important...but a little break can't hurt anybody...right?


Date Added: March 28, 2020


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BBC Creampie Party In Her Teenage Pussy!

My girlfriend is so fucking annoying bro. Like....i dont even know why we started dating. She's not really my type, she's dumb AF, emotional AF and just an all around terrible person. How did I get in this????

Aside from all her bad qualities, she's bossy AF too. Shes a nag. She whines. She keeps asking to start a family. I'm not ready for all that. Its gettin to the point that hearing her voice makes my dick soft.  She's lucky her pussy halfway decent. Otherwise I'd tell her to kiss my fuckin ass. 

But to keep the pussy, I gotta play the role of a good boyfriend. Which is why when she called me from work (for the 5th time today) and asked me to pick up her little sister Natalia, I said Ok. But being a good boyfriend isn't the only reason I'm picking up Natalia. 

I spend a lotta time at my girl's house...which means I spend a lot of time watching her little sister. Watching Natalia. Watching how she plays with her hair. Watching how her phat lil booty bounces as she walks around wearing shorts that she knows are too short. She likes to drive older men crazy. 

I think about her too.All the time. When I'm watching TV with my girl, I'm thinking about how her tight Natalia's little young pussy is. Pretty sure she just turned 18 too. She's probably fertile AF. I might not want to get her sister pregnant...but Natalia? I'd take that chance.

But as much as Natalia's on my mind, I've never been alone with her. Maybe her sister can subconsciously sense it, IDK. But with my girlfriend at work, and Natalia's parents out of town....I think that once I get Natalia alone....I can see just how bad she wants to go to this party....


Date Added: March 20, 2020


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Busty Arabic Camgirl Blackmailed Into Losing Her Virginity To Obsessed Fan!

Being a cam girl isn't something I thought I would ever do. But now? I regret not doing it sooner! I can make my own schedule, I can work from home, and I make a TON of money! Camming is the best thing ever!

There's some creeps that come into my cam room every now and then...saying really sexual guy said he was gonna break into my house and violate me. It was a little disturbing at first but I talked to some other girls who cam on the same platform and they said that it always happens and these guys might seem a little scary but they're harmless.

Harmless just like the guys I went to high school with. They used to tease me a lot. Boys said my boobs and my ass were too big. I used to wear baggy clothes to try to hide my curves. And its funny that NOW some of those same students who used to make fun of me for having curves are in my cam room jerking their little dicks thinking about all the things they want to do to me!

Yeah life is pretty good right now. The only thing I'm worried about is my family finding out I cam. I come from a very religious middle eastern family. It was my parents and my brother who made me to cover up in high school. They didn't want any guys to notice me, steal me away and get me pregnant. I've never had a boyfriend, I'm not allowed to go on dates, I've never had sex...the household is strict...but my parents are always out saying their blessings and my brother is always hanging with his weird friends so when they aren't here is when I get naughty on cam!

Today they're all going out. I'm not expecting anybody so I can get naked on cam! I already let my fans know in advance that I'd be camming for several hours. So hopefully they all come in my cam room and leave me lots and lots of tips!


Date Added: March 11, 2020


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Supreme Black Ass Worship From A Horny Snowbunny Is What I Need Tonight

We all get horny. We're human. It happens. It's life.

Most times its cool to just put on a flick, and take care of yourself. But that's MOST times.

When you have access to something more...then do something more.

And what exactly IS something more? A nasty, hungry dick draining slut. One who will eat, suck, slurp and inhale ALL of the dick.

And for her...its not enough. She needs ass. Black, dirty ass. Ass to worship with hr fingers...her tongue...her whole fuckin face....anything necessary to get her fix.

So whats your choice? Your hand...or her hands...and her mouth?


Date Added: March 6, 2020


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Nerdy PAWG Teen's Rap Music Video Audition!

I work in the music business and lemme tell you...its not all its cracked up to be. My employer is this guy you might have heard of. He wears a ski mask when he performs. Got a decent following. For those of y'all outside the music business, you'd think that working for a famous rapper would be the best life ever!

Oh sure, the money's decent. But for the most part its a lotta grunt work. Scheduling stuff, making sure things are where they need to be. Its actually a lot of hard work. 

And the most annoying thing I gotta take care of? These fuckin video girl auditions. Now I know what yall are thinking. Auditions are where the groupies are at! But usually the girls with the big titties and the big asses are picked directly by the guy I work for. I keep a replica mask just in case I wanna finesse a sexy girl I come across, but I ain't been able to use that mask in 2 years. And I'm stuck vetting the bitches without connections. And these girls are usually the delusional ones. With cigarette burns, bad weaves, big ass scars...they're the ones who think they cute but they really ain't. And I'm usually the one thats got to tell them they not cut out for this stuff. Sounds fun huh?

Today don't look like its gonna be any different. I got a girl named April who just came in. No video experience, can't dance, got these big ass glasses on, baggy ass clothes...she dressed like she about to go study....I'm wondering why this bitch even decided to show up? Has she ever seen a music video before? Doesn't she know what's expected out of her???

Wait...hold up....she just got out the bathroom....and BRO. BROOOOOO. This gotta be a different person. BIG STUPID TITTIES. BIG PHAT JUICY ASS. She was hiding all that under them clothes????

She don't even need to know how to dance! She so fuckin thick all she gotta do is move and all that ass and titties gonna move perfectly! You know everything I was sayin about this job and these auditions? I take it back. Cuz I'm about to have fun with this bitch.


Date Added: March 2, 2020


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Racist Redneck PAWG Gets A Black History Lesson!


I can't believe this is happening right now. I just....lemme start at the beginning. So, I got a lil business. You know, we buy a few things, sell a few things to some needy people. Some people call it a crisis....I call it givin people what they need. And the people who need the most of these pills and stuff...they live wayyyyy out in the country. Definitely not MY favorite place to go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Its the American way.

So I'm posted up in my hotel, gettin some orders together when I hear a knock at the door. I'm wondering who the fuck it is, paranoid its the police or some bull. But you know who answers the door? Ain't the cops, ain't the hotel staff tellin me to get the fuck's a white girl. But not just any white girl. Its a young ass, nerdy lookin white bitch...wearing a fucking Confederate Flag T-Shirt! During THIS time of year! I don't even know what to say.

And this bitch...seeing I'm black, don't even look phased. She go on asking about some crap, not even noticing the way I'm lookin at her or her fuckin shirt. Bitch is either tryna fuck with me or her dumb ass don't know how people feel about that stupid flag. That flag makes people...angry....

And that anger in's heatin up a little bit...I took African American history and all that in college...but while she talkin...something else is happening. Cuz I had already invited the bitch in right? And when she walked in...I peeped that ass. It's phat AF. Phat...juicy white booty. Corn fed and everything. Girl is THICK...and her young ass got them cute braces...the glasses....this thick ass redneck bitch is makin my dick gettin hard. And I KNOW she ain't had no black dick before. Look at wat the fuck she wearin! Her daddy prolly NEVER let brothas get close to his naive innocent lil girl. I know her pussy gonna be tight as fuck....

So I'm makin conversation wit her, about some random stuff you know, spittin a little game, seein wassup...and BAM. There it go. I never thought I'd hear somebody say that word to my face so casual, so nonchalant. But it just happened. This white bitch just said the N word. And this bitch said her DADDY said she can use it cuz RAPPERS use it. And the way she explaining this to's like she really believe it! Like it makes PERFECT SENSE! I'm shook. I'm mad. I'm still fuckin horny cuz the bitch cute and got a phat ass. This bitch wanna walk in MY hotel room, wit her dirty ass mouth cuz her DADDY said it was ok? Well guess what bitch. Your birth daddy ain't here. So I'm your NEW daddy. And I'm gonna do something to that mouth. And you know what? I'ma give you a lil gift to take back to your daddy...something to thank him for raising you right. Ya'll both see what I mean in about 9 months....


Date Added: February 23, 2020


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Conniving Violet Has A 'Talk' With Her Sister's Cheating Black Boyfriend!

Imagine being a pretty girl who is used to getting everything she wants. That's me. Now imagine having a younger sister who thinks she's prettier than you and tries to one up ALLLLLL the time and has been trying ever since she can talk! Yea. You understand right?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a jealous bitch. I love my little sister. But I've been dealing with her all my life and sometimes she can be a little much. And no one see's it. The minute she was born she became the favorite. And it was like she could do no wrong. People always told her how hot and smart she is. Hello? I'm wayyyyy hotter. Have you seen me? I'm an angel!

And I am definitely smarter. You be the judge. Would you consider someone SMART if they can't recognize when their boyfriend is flirting with and fucking every girl he can get his hands on? I certainly wouldn't! And its so obvious. He's so thirsty on social media. I've talked to girls he's fucked. And I know they're telling the truth....about how many times he's made them cum...about how big his black dick is...about how nasty he is in bed....

I've heard it all...many times...thought about it...a lot...and I have definitely been trying to tell my sister that her boyfriend Branden is messing with other girls. But every time I bring it up, she comes up with some lame excuse for him. And whenever she actually confronts him, he just gaslights her, making her feel stupid and then dicks her down. And then she comes back to me not to tell me she's broken up with him...but to tell me how good his dick it stretched out her it made her cry when it was down her throat...

I'm not trying to hear about that! This is an endless cycle that needs to be broken. I love my sister and I know it would hurt her to be without Branden, but honestly she would be better off alone than continuing this sham of a relationship. Its embarrassing. So since SHE won't listen to me...maybe HE will listen to me.

That's right. I'm going to take matters into my own hands. I'm going to convince Branden to stop talking to my sister. He seems like a reasonable person. And after talking to all the girls hes fucked, I think I know exactly how to get through to him. This is going to be But I only want whats best for my sister...and I'm willing to do what it takes to make me...sorry, make her...happy!


Date Added: February 14, 2020


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Huge Natural Tits Get Wet & Messy Courtesy of Big Black Dick!

Its funny how the universe works. One day you're craving something and the next minute its laid out right in front of you.

And what's better than having a craving for big bouncy natural boobs satisfied???

Covering those giant beautiful tits with some THROAT SLIME maybe?

How about having your dick in between those massive DDDs, softly stroking them up and down...up and down...until....?

One thing's for certain...even though that craving has been satiated....the memory of the experience...watching it over and over in your mind...what that means is that your hunger will eventually need to be satisfied again...over and over and over.


Date Added: February 7, 2020


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My Foul Mouth Boss DEMANDS BBC Up Her Ass!


I really love my job, but I hate my fuckin boss bro. Ever since I started working there, she's been making my life really difficult. 

I always get the extra tasks that nobody wants, my opinions get dismissed in meetings, and she makes these smart ass comments, like "of course YOU would think that." She I've caught her giving me weird looks over and over again. Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

And now, I've been called in on my day off to deliver some stupid package to her at her house. All these interns and I'm the one who has to go straight from the gym, drive all the way across town to give a little package to Miss Conner. This woman has GOT to have something against me and I really wish I knew what it was.

I can't imagine why she would be trying so hard to make me quit. I work hard all the time, I have a great resume, the projects I'm in charge of always do well. There's no reason she should be treating me like this. Could it be No. I refuse to believe that in this day and age THAT is the reason why she doesn't like me.

Well one thing I know is that I'm sick of this treatment. I'm gonna deliver this package to her. But while I'm there, I'm not gonna hold my tongue. This has gone on long enough. That's right, I'm going to give Miss Conner a piece of my mind. And if she doesn't like it, too fuckin bad.


Date Added: February 5, 2020


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My daughter is ALWAYS on social media. There's not a minute that goes by where her computer or her phone isn't hooked up to it! She's obsessed.

Sometimes i worry. We all know how the internet is. The darkweb, crazies, all that. There are lots of people online who are into some VERY strange things.

But my daughter is pretty level headed. So I trust her judgement. Normally. But today, she just left her computer here by accident, and you being a good mom, of course I had to look and see what she was up to online. I opened up her computer...and I was shocked. No, she wasn't doing anything illegal...but she was doing something SCARY.

My daughter has been talking to this black guy online. That by itself isn't a problem, its 2020. But the black guy she is talking to is a lil different. Apparently some of his nudes leaked and everyone thought they belonged to some famous rapper. I saw messages asking if this was him and when the picture finally loaded. OH MY GOD. HE HAS A HUGE FUCKIN BLACK COCK! Its so big! Its like a baby's arm!

I knew my daughter was having sex, but I was pretty sure she'd be messing with some average white guys...not some black guy with a baseball bat between his legs. My poor little girl. Imagine what he does to her when I'm not around! That weapon he's carrying is gonna RIP HER LITTLE PUSSY OPEN!

As a loving, caring mother, I can't just ignore this. I can't sit by while my daughter is at risk of being injured by this BBC. So I'm going to send him a lil message telling him to meet me here. My daughter isn't home for several hours, so that'll give me and her big boy toy a little bit of time the expectations I have if he's going to date my daughter.


Date Added: January 27, 2020


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My Brace Face Stepsister Finally Gets The Punishment She Deserves!

My dad getting married and making us move into a new house on the other side of the country sucked ASS. All my fuckin friends, all my spots...gone. For some small town in suburbia. Do you know how hard it is to find a barber who cuts black people hair in the country???? I was mad as fuck, but my dad did it for love.

Yep, the old man finally decided to get married. And who did he marry? A pretty white lady. She cool. She don't be in my business, she try to be woke, and all that. I kinda like her. What I didn't know before we had moved though was that this white lady had a daughter. And that daughter's name is Athena. And bad as fuck.

I mean that in two ways. She's fuckin cute as hell, but she also be gettin in hella trouble. She always be gettin in trouble for skippin school, always be arguing with her mom about some dumb shit and I KNOW she be letting some of these lame high school boys get in her lil pussy. I seen some weirdo mask in her laundry. Lil girl a freak.

We been living together for about a year...and I been watchin her. She doesn't know I know this, but she likes walkin around naked...wit her phat lil booty just bouncing around...her nipples are always hard...and her cute lil smile....she be makin my dick sooooo hard. I know her teachers in high school have the same problems focusing. Lil girl is jailbait.

I been waiting for the right opportunity to get see whats up with her. Cuz I know her lil teenage pussy is tight. I know its wet. I know its good. She's always out doing some dumb shit tho. But I think I've found the perfect opportunity.

You see, last night I heard her arguing wit her moms again. Mom said don't go out and if she did, she was gonna get grounded for life. And what did I hear after midnight? This bad lil girl sneaking out the house. Athena knows that she can't get caught this time. And she's really good about sneaking back in. But I know her routine. I know exactly how she's gonna try to sneak back in the house. And I'm gonna be waiting for her. And when she comes back...she's gonna find her big stepbrother waiting for her. And I know she's gonna be scared...nervous...desperate. But don't worry lil sister. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out....


Date Added: January 18, 2020


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