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Angelic Teen Gets An Unexpected Visit From BIG BLACK DICK!

I'm still out here. Watching. Waiting. Doing....things.

Oh sure. They're looking.The pigs. Trying to find me. But while they're looking....I'm watching.

Watching through the window. Looking at your sister. Your daughter. Your precious little girl. I watch her when she wakes up. I watch her when she goes to sleep. And I watch her when you're not home. Like today.

Today your little angel is talking to her boyfriend. You didn't know she had one of these did you? I know. I know all about the dirty things she says to him. The things she wants to do. But she IS a good girl. So she hasn't done those naughty things. YET.

Has it become clear? Do you get it now. I'm going to teach her all about the birds and the bees...and big black dick,

But don't worry. Once I'm finished using her tight little teenage pussy, she's all yours again. She'll like it tho. Or else.


Date Added: July 13, 2020


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Mean Girl Gets The BBC Treatment She Deserves!

This girl Amara can be a bitch sometimes. I've seen the stuff she says to her boyfriend and its rude AF.

She calls him pathetic. A loser. A small, tiny man. A cuck. Not nice at all right? And the thing is, this guy buys this bitch any and everything she asks for because he thinks that if he does that she'll treat him better. Kinda feel sorry for him.

And I guess she does too cuz she told me that all the trash she was talkin to him is affecting his job. That's like the first time I heard her say she felt bad for him!

But if this is her bein sympathetic, she got a weird way of showing it. Cuz right after she said all that stuff about her boyfriend feelin bad, she asked me to come over and do what I do. Its like she gets off on this stuff.

But IDGAF. If she wants me to cum & help her out...I'm definitely down!


Date Added: July 10, 2020


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Nasty Nurse Joslyn Makes Everything Feel Better!

I don't know what the fuck happened. Just YESTERDAY I was just chillin, playin video games and smokin wit the homies. Havin a good ass time you know?

And now today? I woke up and I'M SICK AFFF!! Like I'm BEDRIDDEN. I had to call off work and everything! Ain't been this sick in a minute!

I been coughing and sneezing all fuckin day. Went through like 4 rolls of toilet tissue already, I been blowin my nose so much! And the stuff I'm coughin up? You don't even wanna see that bro.

I don't even want to THINK of what this might be. But I got hella fluids and medicine and I been tryin to eat too, but I can't even keep anything down.

Shit, I think I mite even be hallucinating. Even wit the way I'm feelin, I keep thinking about big milky white titties!

I can't even rub one out right now cuz I'm so tired! Who knew coughin and sneezing was so exhausting?? I think that a nap might be a good idea. Lemme close my eyes for a few hours and hopefully when I wake up I'll feel better.


Date Added: July 6, 2020


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Studying BIG BLACK DICK Is Way More Fun Than Math!

School's such a joke. They make you learn all this useless stuff about Math and Chemistry and a bunch of other stuff that you will never ever use in your life! Meanwhile we never learn about credit, how to file taxes, or other USEFUL stuff. Thank goodness for the Pythagorean Theorem though right?

I have a HUGE math test tomorrow and this is really important if I want to graduate from high school and finally leave this stupid school behind. So math is what I'm studying now. Yay! Or at least TRYING to study.

I left my house because my sisters were being SO LOUD and I came to my friend Veronica's house. Finally! Some peace and quiet! Or at least I thought so. Yeah its starting to look like one of those days!

What I didn't know before I got to Veronica's was that our ANNOYING friend B was going to be there. IDK why she's even friends with him, he's so annoying. He's in the same class but he's not even studying. Instead he's watching this stupid basketball game LOUD AF.

Its not even his house but he's just posted on the couch yelling and talking to the TV about this game. HELLO? THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU! I swear if he doesn't turn this stupid game off then me and him are gonna fight.


Date Added: June 30, 2020


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I Would Never Cheat On You Baby...

My boyfriend, Garrison Miles Phillips the 3rd, is so fuckin clingy. Always talking about his stupid family and money. You'd think with all this money and that long name he would be more confident. But he's not. He's an insecure little dick loser. And he's really starting to piss me off.

Every second he's texting me. And if I don't respond in 5 minutes...another text. And if I don't respond to that. He calls. Again. And again. And again. I can't take it.

I mean I can understand WHY he's so jealous. We haven't had sex in forever. I'm always on my phone...texting...I'm sure he's caught a glimpse of some of the names....he asked who Branden was the other day and I had to tell him he was a friend from high school who was in town. Then he got so jealous and angry and sad all at the same time. He's so pathetic.

And the truth is Branden is just a friend from high school...a friend with a BIG BLACK COCK. One that I NEED in my my my asshole.

Maybe if Garrison had a BBC like Branden then I would answer his calls more...spend more time with him...just do...more.

But he doesn't. He has a small dick. And he's annoying. And like I said, I am sick of it. But he doesn't know that. There are some perks to dating lil Garrison. So tonight, I told him that me and the girls were hanging out. But actually...I'm hanging out with Branden. I even told Branden to bring that mask he always used to wear. If lil Garrison wants to be jealous so bad...let me give him something to be jealous about.


Date Added: June 24, 2020


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My Best Friend's Girl Has Needs...And What She Needs Is BIG BLACK DICK!

Do you know somebody who you're really cool with, but they are always doin the dumbest stuff? Thats how I feel about my homie Jacob. Jacob is a cool white boy who I met in college. He's a party animal and crazy AF, which are a couple reasons why we became cool with each other...and he's a decent dude most of the time. But Jacob sometimes doesn't know how to turn his crazy switch off.

Today for example. Dude is supposed to be chillin with his girl Skylar. I met her a few times and she fuckin perfect. Pretty ass face, the perfect height, got a phat bubble booty and she got some big STUPID Titties. A girl her size ain't supposed to have titties that big. She's fine AF. Jacob don't know this...but I think about Skylar a lot. If he knew the things I wanna do to her he might be a lil upset.

Or maybe not. Cuz that's how a normal dude would be. A normal dude would be suckin them titties and fuckin her in every hole every night. But Jacob? Jacob is an idiot sometimes. He's kinda popular so girls love him and he loves them back. He's a man whore. I've seen him fuck girls who I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. And this is while he's got this sexy ass big titty bitch at home! It don't make no sense.

But you know how the saying goes: bros before hoes. I gotta cover for my boy even when he's fuckin the female equivalent of Mcdonald's while he's got fuckin Filet Mignon at home. And today is one of those days I gotta cover. Jacob is with this girl Sarah. Sarah is hot, don't get me wrong but she ain't no Skylar. But Jacob needed me to grab some stuff from his spot cuz he knew Skylar was gonna be there and he didn't wanna run into her because he knew she wouldn't let him leave out if she saw him. So that's where I come in. I'm bout to head to his spot and grab his stuff for him. He said Skylar was there so hopefully she don't make a big deal out of him not showing up. She seem like a really sweet girl.

But if she needs a shoulder to cry on...I mean Jacob is my boy...but...just the thought of her...I KNOW her pussy tight and that head fire....I know I said bros before hoes but...we'll see what happens.


Date Added: June 16, 2020


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Being A Good Neighbor Means Blowing My Dick & Cleaning My Ass!

Bro I cannot wait to move! I was feelin this condo at first, but these dudes been trippin! They always giving out fines for playing music too loud, elevators always broke, they complaining about the smell from smoking and they keep fuckin up my mail!

Worst part, they nosy AF. I'm pretty sure that them seeing me with a camera along with a different half naked fine ass girl walkin around every few days has got them puttin two and two together. Every time the lady at the front desk gives me the evil eye like I'm face fuckin her daughter. She keep lookin at me crazy and I will.

I already put in some applications, and I'm just sittin here tryna stay sane. But this building just won't stop fuckin wit me!

I had ordered some stuff a few days ago and was wondering if I was gonna have to yell at somebody for losing another package when I got a knock on my door. And when I opened it....a sexy, sexy mami. The sexy mami from the apartment a few floors below! I remember seein her a few times, wondering what them sexy lips feel like.

So this sexy lady is holding a package...and I was waiting for a package...and that package is open...and inside that package...I don't even need to see it. It's one of my masks. And the way she lookin at me....I think I know where this is going....


Date Added: June 8, 2020


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Eliza's Got No Choice But To Be MESMERIZED By Nerd's Big Black Dick!

Oh my gosh guys! I'm so freakin excited today! Because I finally did it! And I know it's gonna pay off!

You're probably confused so lemme explain! So my sister is friends with this BEAUTIFUL GIRL named Eliza! She's so hot! She's got such a beautiful face like an angel and the prettiest eyes and the most perfect body! I've had a crush on her forever but she never really talks to me. But I know she likes me! Me and her could make some really pretty babies!

And I KNOW she wants to have babies with me because I'm so thoughtful! I found ALL of Eliza's favorite movies and her favorite foods from her social media! I went through ALL her pictures and videos! I was on her snapchat daily! And I saw everything and I prepared all of it! I cued up the best parts of the movies, ordered all this cool food and beverages and then I hacked my sisters phone and pretended to be her and messaged Eliza and told her to come over so she can see everything I did for her! Now the hacking part might impress her...she knows I'm smart (my sister calls me her "nerd brother" very funny) but I don't think Eliza knows HOW smart I am!

I've invented a ton of cool stuff that I could make a ton of money on! And I'm going to show some of them to Eliza too! I know it'll impress her! I've been waiting for this for so long....I can't wait til Eliza is so impressed by all this that she falls in love with me and lets me touch her...caress her tenderly...she deserves only the sweetest kind of love and I can't wait to give it to her....


Date Added: May 30, 2020


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Middle Eastern Genie Grants Kinky Gamer's Wishes!

Bro with all this time I've got at home, I've been spending a lot more time playing video games. With all the high tech graphics, new consoles and all that, its the perfect time to slide back in.

There was this game I remember called Kings of Persia or something. It was one of my faves and they just made a remake and its freakin amazing! Graphics crazy! Some of these characters are sexy AFFFF! I been playing this game non stop, researching it, trying to find all the secrets, when I stumbled on this forum, and BRO. I was blown away!

So in this forum, this one guy said that there's a code that will bring one of the main characters, this sexy ass genie named Jezebeth to life! Sounds crazy right??? But the way the code looks...and the way that this game is set up...I think that this just might be real. Imagine a genie. A sexy who'll do whatever you say...your very own Middle Eastern sex slave.

That sounds too good to not even try right? And try, try, try is what I been doing. I've been trying to recreate it for weeks now and I think I finally figured it out. There's this patch I had to put into the code and all sorts of technical stuff and it looks good. It looks really good.

That genie Jezebeth look good too. I used to beat my meat to her this would be a fuckin fantasy to have her come to life....and if she come to life, best believe Im cumming too. 


Date Added: May 22, 2020


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Little Girl Left Alone Gets Some Cumpany...

People so funny these days. Ya'll think moving to the suburbs is gonna keep you safe? Nah. We plottin. And we watchin. Always.

Nice lil community I been checking out. Everybody uses the same security system... Cheap security systems

There's a family that been here for a minute. Same routine. My mans works the late shift. Leaves at 10pm. Gets home at 8am. Just in time to see his lil girl off to school.

And that lil girl? She's home allllll alone. Playing dress up. Cute lil thing. Blue eyes, pretty brown hair, nice big tits. She's old enough to be home alone...which means she's definitely old enough for what I'm about to do.

Date Added: May 16, 2020


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Naive Teen Helps Convicted Black Felon Get Readjusted To Society!

For the longest I have ALWAYS hated school and high school is THE WORST. I mean, why should I have to go to school when I can learn everything online?? My high school civics class with Mr. Bundy is usually THE WORST. Its usually so boring. But this one week we were talking about crime and punishment and I was thinking, this next test is going to be SO AWFUL but then Mr. Bundy assigned us pen pals. And OMG. It changed my life!

My penpal was an inmate named Branden. At first he sounded a little scary. The stories I read said he would wear this creepy mask and do really bad things to people....stole from them...hurt them...tortured them. I didn't even want to write him at first but Im so glad I did. He responded so quickly and he is so sweet. He told me that he wasn't responsible for the bad things they said he did and the more I researched him the more I realized that he was right! He had such a bad childhood and so many bad things happened to him that they didn't even care about when they were trying to lock him up. His trial was not fair and they made up a lot of the things they say he did. I've watched so many shows on Netflix that Im actually an expert on spotting this stuff. And it was so obvious that the police were totally out to get him and they set him up. The man I'm writing would never hurt anyone!

He's innocent and its a shame that this country keeps locking up innocent black men. I wanted to let him know I was there for him, and that not everyone in this country is a jerk so even after the project ended, I kept writing him. I wrote him for almost a year and I didn't tell anyone, even my parents because they wouldn't understand. Sometimes I sent him pictures because he was so lonely in there I know he needed a friend.

And he's such a good friend! We talk about our lives and our feelings and he's so understanding! He really gets me. So when I got his last letter I was sooooo happy! Because guess what? He's getting out of prison! I knew that there was something fishy with his case and this proves it! And you know what Branden said? He's going to come see me!!!

OMG! My heart did a little flutter when I read that. I'm so happy! I can finally meet this guy who has become my really good friend and so much more to me! He told me to let him know when my parents aren't home (they're so judgmental and closeminded, its embarrassing) and tonight they are going to be out at a concert so he's coming over! I know the perfect welcome home present to get him!


Date Added: May 14, 2020


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Rich Asian Teen Learns How To Treat People Who Have Big Black Dicks!

When you work a security job, it's always hit or miss. It could be exciting and fun or the worst job in the world. Working for the rappers? That's definitely fun. Plenty of girls to look at (and more), good music, plenty of's lit.

The worst jobs? Definitely the politicians. Always so concerned about they fuckin image. No getting lit, stay off your phone, wear a suit, all these fuckin rules. I don't like fuckin rules.

I'm workin for this crazy rich Asian politician whose over here in the States for a lil bit. He's an asshole. I know he talkin shit about me to his lil crew. He lucky I don't speak Vietnamese. But since he's always in meetings and stuff, he's not even the worst part.

That honor belongs to his fuckin daughter. She's a fuckin spoiled little stuck up little bitch. She be looking at me like I'm gum beneath her shoe. Every time she do open her rich little mouth, its to order me to do something like I'm a damn slave. Get my laundry? Wash my car? And when I told her ass that all that wasn't in my job description, this little bitch told me that "Your job is to do what I tell you to do." Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck that bitch.

My job is to keep this girl safe but I'm done with all that. I think its about time this little bitch learned the proper way to treat people.


Date Added: May 5, 2020


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